Understanding Moneylines

If you’re just getting into the world of sports betting, then you’ve probably already heard the term ‘moneyline’ being used. It’s an important keyword in the gambling realm as it’s used in almost every sport. It’s one of the basics that you’ll have to know if you’re going to play, so let’s take a closer look at what it means and where its used.

What Is The Moneyline?

The term money lines can have two definitions: a type of bet and also the odds attached to certain bets. Starting with the type of bet, money line bets simply focus on the outright winner of a game. With point spreads, you have to consider a margin of victory. With totals, you’re looking at the combined score of the two sides involved in the game. But if you’re betting on the money line, your only focus is who will win the game outright. There is no tying; just winning or losing. But there is more to understanding the money line, including the odds and what they tell you. Read on below to get a better idea of how they work.

If you’re referring to the money line odds, those are frequently seen across the sportsbook next to point spreads, totals and many other types of lines. In many ways, “the money line” is just a synonym for the word “odds”.

Moneyline Betting

Remember that every spread still has a money line attached to it. While that might be a bit confusing, all that refers to is the cost of betting the spread; not how the outcome will be decided. For example, if someone says to you that “the Patriots are laying three points but I have low juice, so my money line is -104”, what they are referring to is the price of betting the spread. That merely means that they are betting the spread but the money line attached to betting that spread is -104.

Moneylines are found all over the place in this regard as you could see a money line with a total. You bet whether you want to go over or under, but the money line could be -110 or -125 to bet that side. You see money lines with run lines and puck lines where you bet the 1.5 line and the odds attached to it are the cost.

Where Moneyline Bets Are The Primary Options
Moneylines are the primary betting option in a number of sports. In sports like baseball and hockey, that’s the main way the betting goes as players simply decide which team will win the game. There is some spread betting with run line, and puck lines, but that is a distant second behind money lines.In fight sports, money lines are the main way of doing business. You’ll see two fighters with money lines next to their name. The same goes for tennis. When you browse around the sportsbook you’ll see this in many sections.

Where Moneyline Bets Are The Secondary Options
In sports like football and basketball, the money line is considered as the secondary option next to point spreads. Points spreads are the way that most people get their action in on basketball and football because the payouts are near doubling your money and it’s a fun way to handicap the game. Betting the money line in those sports is less popular because you might have some big mismatches and then it becomes too challenging to have faith in the underdog winning outright or too costly to bet the favorite.